Tommy Payne

DC’s The Devil’s Muse: Artist Spotlight – Tommy Payne

Hey, everyone! This week we’re bringing you yet another fantastic artist for your viewing pleasure. The Devil’s Muse this time around is Tommy Payne, otherwise known as “The Artist Pain.”

His work can vary from hyper-realistic to incredibly surrealistic. It has one uniting factor though: It’s grisly and creepy, just what we love.

Take a look at the gallery of some of his work below, and let us know which is your favorite! If you want to see more, head over to Tommy’s Facebook page or website!

Then come back next week for another The Devil’s Muse!

Artist’s Bio:
My work is an amalgamation of artistic, tactile, and cultural influences. I have a strong appreciation for anything that is old and shows its age. I love old movies, antique cars, old metal of any kind, rust, decay and history. That shows in my paintings. I strive to make work that you want to touch as much as look at.

As you will see, I do not simply do variations of one theme very often. I will go from realism to abstract depending on my mood. And I will always try to learn from the piece before to make the next one better.

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