Ian McNeice Talks House of Screaming Death

I’ll always remember him from his recurring role as the outspoken orator in HBO’s “Rome”, but Ian McNeice has had a prolific acting career spanning nearly four decades. Earlier this year he joined the cast of the British horror anthology House of Screaming Death, and in a newly released video he discusses his role in the film.

House of Screaming Death is aiming for an Easter 2017 release.

With its roots firmly in the world of classic HAMMER HORROR anthology films, THE HOUSE OF SCREAMING DEATH revolves around the sinister & mysterious storyteller, known as THE ARCHITECT (Ian McNeice), who on one eerie night, in an old Manor House, is preparing to share four CHILLING tales with a captive audience he has invited.

As each story unfolds in their own unique, bloody & frightening way, the finale will shock and terrify as THE ARCHITECT also has one last story of his own to share.

Filmed around the Midlands in late 2015 & early 2016, including Staffordshire, Sandwell and Walsall areas, The House of Screaming Death will be a truly innovative and welcome return to the celebrated BRITISH GOTHIC HORROR of a bygone era and will definitely promise you sleepless nights! Keep coming back for new and EXCITING content to be added over the next few months!


house of screaming death new poster 1 - Ian McNeice Talks House of Screaming Death

Written by David Gelmini

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