Recording Artist Fawn Releases Monster House Music Video for Halloween

fawn monsterhouse s - Recording Artist Fawn Releases Monster House Music Video for Halloween

As is typical for this time of year, our inboxes are overflowing with Halloween-themed goodies to share with you guys; and today we’re bringing you a new music video titled “Monster House” courtesy of recording artist Fawn, which is chock-full of celebrity cameos.

From the Press Release:
Stonedef Records, Inc., is pleased to announce that Billboard hit recording artist and singer-songwriter Fawn (also known as “Songirl”) has released the second music video, “Monster House,” from her 2016 Halloween EP of the same name. Her first music video, “FrankEnstein,” has already begun being played in school classrooms in England as a tool to spread its “love one another as you already are” and subtle anti-bullying message.

“Monster House” is about a haunted house where all the spirits get to come out once a year on Halloween night and party. Inside the house a person may see the likes of Prince, Elvis, Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, Dracula, Godzilla, Chuckie, Bigfoot, and many others. Any living person is able be invited and go to the monster house, but once they are inside, they can never leave. Celebrity cameos include Judy Tenuta, Kate Linder, Grae Drake, Johnny Venokur, Sham Ibrahim, and Brooke Lewis.

Fawn (official site here) said, “The song and the entire EP are good-hearted, fun songs that are perfect for Halloween parties and kids of all ages. They are in the vein of classics such as ‘Monster Mash,’ ‘Purple People Eater,’ and ‘Thriller.’ There just need to be more spooky, fun songs out there for Halloween so I decided to write some!”

Iconic actress Kate Linder added, “The album Monster House sounds like a bunch of amazing Disney Halloween songs – so well done and memorable.” When asked what made her get involved with the music video, Linder explained, “Let me tell you something… when Fawn asks you to do something, the only answer you want to give is yes.”

When groundbreaking comedian Judy Tenuta was asked what brought her to the “Monster House” music video, she said in her beloved comedic style, “Fawn told me to do it!”

Film critic and Rotten Tomatoes senior editor Grae Drake expressed, “Halloween is so fun, and Fawn’s music embodies fun!” while Scream Queen Brooke Lewis said, “Fawn and I met years ago, and I’ve always thought she was amazing and talented so when she called me, I of course said yes! I am always motivated by her; she rocks.”

Johnny Venokur stated, “Fawn is a great friend; I love Halloween, and I love Fawn. She’s an amazing singer and artist so when she gives me a call, I’m there in a flash.”

Sham Ibrahim said, “I always ran into Fawn at events, and she was so gorgeous and sweet. This was before I was anybody or anything. I was such a fan of hers; I used to watch her on Logo and VH1 so to be in a music video with Fawn is a dream come true. I’m very honored and grateful and was shocked when she called me! I love the song; it’s super cute and fun, and I love Fawn!”

Other cast members in the music video include Cher Rue, Christine Jace, Mr. Outrageous, TheTru Story, Leo Palisano, and John Palisano.

To hear Fawn’s Monster House Halloween EP and other songs, be sure to visit iTunes or Amazon. If you dig it, stop by her YouTube page later today (Friday, October 14th) at 4PM PT to watch her third Halloween music video from the EP, “The Headless Horseman.”

fawn monsterhouse - Recording Artist Fawn Releases Monster House Music Video for Halloween