Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Framed

As part of the Sitges Film Festival “Coming Soon” section, Marc Carreté‘s (Asmodexia) newly-founded Creatures of the Dark banner “crashed the party” with a big screen stream of the first full trailer for Marc Martínez Jordán’s upcoming home invasion/slasher shocker, Framed.

Following a private investment and co-production strategy, Carreté’s newly created genre label will launch with Martinez Jordán’s Framed with various subsequent projects already in the works, the first of which will be helmed by Carreté himself.

With principal photography now wrapped and the project well into post-production, Framed marks Martínez Jordan’s first directorial feature after helming the award-winning shorts “Timothy” and “Caradecaballo.”

FRAMED 05 - Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Framed

Shot in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), Framed plays out as a contemporary slasher at heart although, having spoken with Carreté at this year’s Sitges Film Festival, without giving too much away, some of the torture techniques of choice are anything but orthodox and I can’t wait to catch this one once it finally hits the festival circuit. But it’s not all about explicit horror and Framed promises a cutting commentary on today’s use (and abuse) of cutting-edge technology and social networks.

Penned by Martínez Jordán in collaboration with Jaume Cuspinera (Any de Gràcia), a script writing tutor at the reputable ESCAC film school, where the majority of the technical and artistic crew working on the film hail from, Framed stars Joe Manjón (Risen), Àlex Maruny (Ghost Graduation), Clàudia Pons (Asmodexia), Júlia Molins, Enric Auquer (Bloody April Fools), Biel Montoro (L’Altra Frontera), Daniel Horvath and Lídia Casanova, with special appearances from Pep Sais ([Rec]², “Brutal Relax”) and Mercè Montalà (Secuestro).

With the film well on the way towards completion, Carreté tells me the film is expected to hit the international festival circuit some time in the first quarter of 2017. In the meanwhile, we’ll leave you with the first full trailer. Keep watching this space as we also have plenty of beans to spill regarding Carreté’s upcoming extraterrestrial project, After the Lethargy.


Framed is THE social network fad everyone is talking about. Anyone with access to a mobiel device can stream wherever they like and whatever they like. Thousands of users around the world have laid down the ultimate gauntlet to fend off any competition by achieving the highest number of online viewers. Rules and censorship no longer exist making way for ever-increasing levels of violence and sadism.

Alex (26) is getting ready to head to Berlin to start a new chapter in his life. His sister Claudia (18) is invited to a leaving party that Alex’s friends have organised to see him off in style. Whilst the party is in full swing, the group of friends is savagely attacked by three intruders intent on one thing: Achieving the ultimate audience by subjecting the partygoers to some of the most sadistic games and torture methods imaginable.

FRAMED 06 - Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Framed

FRAMED 08 - Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Framed

FRAMED 09 - Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Framed

FRAMED teaser poster 23 5 2016 - Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Framed

Written by Howard Gorman

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