Interview with Author and Filmmaker Kevin Strange


Many years ago I reviewed a film called Colonel Kill Motherfuckers (review) from Kevin Strange and Hack Movies. Strange and his Troma-inspired films won me over and it was a sad day when Hack Movies closed. From out of that corpse, though, Strange emerged with a new passion: writing.

Since that transition, Kevin has written 9 books and has been awarded the 2014 editor’s choice award in the Lewis and Clark college literary magazine The Peppermint Rooster Review. He has also been nominated twice for Wonderland Book Award for excellence in bizarro fiction. Having been a fan of his previous works, I reached out to Strange to see if he’d like to speak about his experiences with both mediums and what drives him as an author.

Our interview with Kevin Strange was so expansive in scope that we had to split it into two separate entities. The video below focuses on his writing and journey from struggling director to struggling writer, while this second interview is an in-depth discussion of PC culture and how it is affecting creative freedom.


Kevin strange - Interview with Author and Filmmaker Kevin Strange

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