#NYCC16: Dead by Daylight Loves Halloween: See the New Teaser Trailer!


It’s amazing to me that a game like Dead by Daylight (review), where you can play with friends as survivors or become the killer, is largely a mystery to hardcore horror fans. Four killers (Trapper, Nurse, Hillbilly, and Wraith) hunt down survivors with the goal of impaling each one on massive hooks spread around an ultra-creepy environment.

Meeting the business end of one of those hooks summons “The Entity,” which is basically a colossal spider-god in the sky manifesting as massive spider legs that essentially stab the soul out of you. It’s good, clean family fun. The survivor’s goal is to turn on generators, open massive doors, and escape with your life! You get points for saving fellow survivors, powering up generators, thwarting the approach of a killer, and on and on. While playing as a killer, your points are scored in blood spilled and souls sacrificed. Suffice to say, playing as the killer rules.

This Halloween season the developers of Dead by Daylight throw a couple of familiar faces into the mix… Michael Myers and his final girl, Laurie Strode! Killers in the game have special skill sets to aid them in the night’s carnage (like teleportation, invisibility, following blood trails, and sensing when someone is attempting to heal himself), so a heavyweight like Myers had to have a skill that made him as unique as his iconic look. Myers “stalks” his prey, powering up by watching his intended victim (in an attempt to kill you by just creeping you out, no doubt) for as long as possible before his killing strike comes from out of nowhere with little warning. The game’s Myers is based solely on the original Halloween film so don’t expect oddball sound cues or goofy cops adding snappy banter to the mix.

The Myers addition comes with a new environment to hunt or be hunted in the streets of Haddonfield. While the developers did want to make the home where most of the classic film’s horror takes place as authentic as possible, the game mechanics come first, so while we are assured you will recognize the quiet little house on that quiet little street, horror diehards probably won’t want to put the whole thing under a microscope.

Speaking of details, since the original movie is set in the early 80’s, we asked if fantastic 70’s fashion would be incorporated into the game options. We were reminded that they had already brought 80’s fashion to survivors, so maybe down the line you’ll be able to rock a magnificent afro as you dodge chainsaws and machetes. We will be counting the minutes until that day comes.

dead by daylight - #NYCC16: Dead by Daylight Loves Halloween: See the New Teaser Trailer!

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