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Hey there, folks! Ted “I Can’t Believe I’m Not Fired” Hentschke here. We’re back at it again tonight with another Den of Dread Twitch Stream! This time I’ll be kicking off around 6pm PT. Apparently people have jobs or something and can’t stay up all night watching me play video games. Go figure.


Just another taste for all you lovely ladies out there.

If you joined us last week, you’ll remember that I played¬†Half Dead until I got tired of throwing my shoes around. Check out my full review if you’re interested. This week I have something a little bit more exciting in store:¬†The Bunker. As I stated last time, my goal with these first few streams is to introduce you to some games you might not have heard of before, and what better than an FMV adventure game about being trapped in a bunker? That’s literally all I know about the game, so hopefully we’ll have fun finding out what it’s all about tonight.

If you aren’t familiar with FMV, that’s because it hasn’t been used in over a decade. For the life of me I can’t remember a game that used it more recently than Command and Conquer. Check out the trailer to get a sense of what it looks like in action:

Also, I’ll be streaming more frequently from now on. This week I’ll be running the show Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, all starting at 6. So if you can’t think of anything better to do, tune in and watch me waste my life! Be sure to also check in periodically just in case I get drunk and decide to fire up the stream anyways.

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