Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut On its Way! First Teaser Art!


One above average slasher flick from a while back, Midnight Movie (review here), fared pretty well upon its release. So well in fact that the filmmakers have been allowed to go back and rework a few details.

Director Jack Messitt wrote in to us with all the details and even some artwork for Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut!

“Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut, slated for a limited theatrical release, will feature newly shot scenes, restored footage from the original shoot, new VFX, and new score composed just for this version of the film.

A movie of our size rarely gets a chance like this. But Bigfoot Entertainment was impressed with the performance of the original version and gave us the opportunity to revisit our work. It was a lot of fun to go in after two years and change some things around.

Because the original version of the movie was well received, we didn’t try to create a different movie. But I think that the changes that were made, along with the additional footage and enhanced VFX, make this version a better movie.

After taking the summer to re-cut the film and shoot some new footage, we just completed re-mixing the audio and adding the score composed just for this new cut. We are in the midst of completing the new VFX, and Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut should be ready by the end of the summer.”

A trailer has been promised soon so stay tuned!

Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut On its Way! First Teaser Art!

Uncle Creepy

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