The Asylum Hunts Moby Dick / Launches Titanic II and Gacy House Trailers


The Asylum Hunts Moby Dick / Launches Titanic II and Gacy House TrailersOnce notorious for making mockbusters of major motion pictures, now it appears The Asylum has found a new niche making ridiculous b-movies. You have to be embracing absurdity if you’re releasing a movie called Titanic II and following it up with a modern updating of Moby Dick that involves a high-tech sub and a prehistoric monster whale. Not to mention a Paranormal Activity-ish horror set inside of John Wayne Gacy’s house.

Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Spin City”) and Renee O’Connor (Xena’s sidekick “Gabrielle”) have just begun filming The Asylum’s take of Moby Dick, set to be released to DVD on November 23rd.

A modern adaptation of the classic novel of the captain of a high tech submarine and his obsessive quest to destroy the enormous prehistoric whale that maimed him.

Whether this Moby Dick will attempt to follow in the campy footsteps (Should that be finsteps?) of previous over-the-top aquatic Asylum schlockers Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Mega Piranha or attempt to be a more straightforward modernization with shades of science fiction remains to be seen. I suppose they could have titled their version Mega Dick, although that probably would have led most to assume it’s a porno and not a variation of Herman Melville’s classic novel.

Continuing to work backwards, 8213: Gacy House appears to be The Asylum’s Halloween offering this year, due on September 28th. As with last year’s mockbuster Paranormal Entity, the Asylum is again playing up the movie as found footage, going so far as to not list any cast or crew on its website.

John Wayne Gacy murdered 33 young men and boys between 1972 and 1978 in suburban Chicago. 26 bodies were found in a crawl space beneath his house, and 3 others were buried in the backyard. Although the house was completely demolished during the exhumation of the bodies, on May 15, 2004, a group of paranormal investigators wired the home that was built in its place with paranormal detection and surveillance equipment. The outcome of the investigation was grisly, terrifying and disturbing.

It is amusing to see that John Wayne Gacy’s ghost has chosen to stalk them in full clown make-up, as you will see in the newly posted trailer that you can view here.

Finally, we leave the realm of horror for the realm of “Is this a joke?” Making a movie called Titanic II sure sounds like a punchline. Written by, directed by, and starring Shane Van Dyke (Dick’s grandson), Bruce Davison (X-Men 2, Megafault) and Brooke Burns (“Melrose Place”, “Baywatch”) are also aboard for the doomed maiden voyage of the famous ship’s 21st century follow-up due to sink on DVD August 24th.

On the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, a modern luxury liner christened “Titanic 2,” follows the path of its namesake. But when a tsunami hurls an iceberg into the new ship’s path, the passengers and crew must fight to avoid a similar fate.

The Asylum has also made the Titanic II trailer available online for viewing here. Watch it and try to decide if it looks more like a mockbuster of Titanic or Poseidon.

8213 Gacy House – Trailer
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Titanic II – Trailer
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