Michael Dougherty Talks Trick ‘r Treat Sequel; Trilogy Planned

Prior to directing Krampus, Michael Dougherty was intent on making the Trick ‘r Treat sequel we’ve all been waiting for, and now that the Christmas demon has been unleashed, it seems he’s once again focusing his attention on bringing Sam back to life. So then. What’s the latest on Trick ‘r Treat 2?

Speaking with Slash Film, Dougherty provided an update while talking about AtmosFX’s upcoming Trick ‘r Treat digital decorations.

I’m going to speak carefully about that [Laughs], because the moment I utter a word about the sequel, everybody starts salivating,” he told the site. “It is very much my intention to make the sequel. Legendary is very committed to making the movie. Creatively, it’s in process. When it actually happens, I don’t know. But, hopefully, stuff like this — the digital decorations, the comic books, the merchandise, and what have you — will tide people over and I can finally get around to making it. Nothing would make me happier than returning to that universe. Like, I miss Sam. When we were shooting these vignettes, I was getting a little bit emotional because I would love nothing more than to hang out with Sam again for a year or two, bringing him back to the big screen.”

I think it’d be great to make it a trilogy, at least. So fingers crossed,” Dougherty continued. “For me, I think every film should explore a different aspect of Halloween. I felt like the first film was the very traditional, suburban Halloween that we all have some memory of. But as I’ve grown up over the years, I’ve lived everywhere from Columbus, Ohio to New York to L.A., and I find that the holiday is very different depending on where you live. Or even time periods. I don’t see why we should be limited to just present day stories. Halloween is an amazing holiday because it evolves depending on where you live and the time period.”

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