Night Terrors Is Like a Horror Version of Pokémon Go


Goddam Pokémon Go! The bloody thing is everywhere! But if you’ve had enough of Jigglypuff and Charizard and want something a bit more gruesome, then checkout the upcoming game Night Terrors from developer Novum Analytics, which is being billed as a horror version of Pokémon Go because of how it scans your surroundings to bring ghostly scares into your vicinity, as shown in the trailers below. The comparison has already earned it considerable attention in the mainstream media.

Night Terrors was funded on Indiegogo and is expected to launch on iTunes and the Android Store in October for $5.99.

Night Terrors is a highly immersive, photorealistic, binaural, augmented reality survival horror game for mobile devices. Gameplay takes place at home, after dark, with the lights off and your headphones on.



night terros3

night terros

night terros2



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