Gamescom 2016: The Surge Just Keeps Looking Better And Better


I first reported on The Surge when it was revealed at E3 2016. Check out the video if you haven’t yet. At the time, there were a lot of details yet to be announced, so I told you all┬áto stay tuned for more info as it developed. Well, here I am to make good on my promise. Gamescom 2016 has rolled around, and with it a whole slew of new info on The Surge. Check out the new 14 minute gameplay trailer:

If you’re a Dark Souls fan like me, there’s a lot to be excited about with The Surge. Truth be told, I really wasn’t expecting a lot of new information so soon after E3. Oh, was I wrong. New weapons, armors, and reveals on the crafting, leveling, cutscenes, and executes were all on display in this video. There wasn’t any new gameplay, but this kind of new information is exactly the kind of thing that fans crave. I know I’m supposed to temper my expectations, but I really can’t help but be excited to see how this one pans out. As always, stay tuned for more info, and I’ll fill you in as it develops.

The Surge



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