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Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Arwen to Save the Yorkies

Here’s the thing… around here? We like animals more than we do people. I can give you 7 billion reasons why, but instead of that, how about we deliver to you some news about a VERY important happening?

From the Press Release:
ArieScope Pictures and GeekNation announced today that filmmakers Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN) and Joe Lynch (EVERLY, WRONG TURN 2) will be doing a live, 3-day broadcast of their popular entertainment behind-the-scenes podcast “The Movie Crypt” to benefit “Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc.” August 5th through 7th. In “The Movie Crypt’s” first ever live broadcast, hosts Green and Lynch (as well as the podcast’s beloved Yorkie mascot, Arwen) will be starting on Friday evening, August 5th, at 7pm PT and staying on the air until Sunday night, August 7th, at 7pm PT.

Joined by dozens of celebrity artists who will be stopping by at all hours (day and night) throughout the weekend, the “Save The Yorkies” marathon podcast will include the extensive and extremely candid “artist on artist” interviews and conversations that “The Movie Crypt” is known for as well as feature film commentaries, live script readings, musical performances, and more. Best of all, fans will be able to take part in the conversations and ask the celebrity guests questions live via social networking platforms such as Twitter and Periscope. Listeners will be able to donate directly to the rescue all weekend long and help “Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc.” provide needed medical care and assistance to Yorkies in dire need of being rehabilitated before being placed in permanent, safe, and loving homes.

“The Movie Crypt” podcast launched on GeekNation in May of 2013 and was initially intended to run only as extra promotion for the 10 weeks that Green and Lynch’s sit-com HOLLISTON would be airing its second season on the (now defunct) FEARnet cable television network. However, the program quickly amassed a large and loyal weekly following, and now, over three years later, the weekly podcast averages over 500,000 listeners worldwide and consistently ranks in iTunes’ Top 10 entertainment podcasts in the nation. Featuring celebrity artists from all aspects of the entertainment industry, “The Move Crypt” has delivered a new 2- to 3-hour episode consistently every Monday morning without fail for over 3 years now. From iconic directors, writers, actors, producers, and musicians… to production designers, cinematographers, costumers, make-up artists, sculptors, comic book artists, visual effects artists, 1st assistant directors, agents, executives, and record label CEO’s, “The Movie Crypt” offers listeners an extremely comprehensive look behind the scenes of all aspects of Hollywood.

“Every artist in the industry has had a unique journey, and we’ve all endured our own difficult trials and tribulations in our pursuit of our dreams,” says co-host  Lynch. “By sitting down with fellow artists and relating to each other through a candid, heart-to-heart conversation about what it’s really like and focusing on how we each overcome the hurdles and keep going, the program offers a healthy dose of inspiration and a weekly reminder not to give up or let the negative aspects of the business disenchant our spirits. Because of that heartfelt honesty, our audience is comprised not only of fans, students, and aspiring artists, but working industry professionals as well.”

cult of arwen - Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Arwen to Save the Yorkies

While “The Movie Crypt” offers a unique and informative look behind the curtain of the mechanics of he entertainment business, Green and Lynch have also used the podcasts’s vast reach to tackle difficult subjects and make a positive impact on their loyal audience. In 2015 they produced a special episode dedicated to substance abuse within the industry and welcomed addiction specialists and counselors on to the program who educated and advised people on how and where to get help. “The addiction episode yielded incredible results, and we still continue to hear from listeners who were inspired by the episode to attend their first meeting and some who even checked in to a rehab facility in order to begin their own road to recovery,” says co-host Green. “It was an amazing response.”

Last December, Green and Lynch performed a fully sincere 2-hour interview with “Santa Claus” in an effort to remind people to not stop believing in magic and not to give up on the power of “good” during the extremely difficult and violent times that our society is now facing. The “Santa Claus” episode remains one of the podcast’s most popular episodes to date, and the response online was overwhelming. “Those moments when we can use ‘The Movie Crypt’ to help make life feel a little better for our audience… they make all of the hard work that goes into producing this show so very worth it,” adds Lynch. “The idea of using our program to help benefit a charity as close to our hearts as ‘Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc.’ was a no-brainier. I mean, our mascot is a Yorkie, and our listening audience has come to love and adore Arwen almost as much as we love her. Almost.”

In 2015, Green took part in a fundraiser to benefit “Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc.” while appearing at NJ’s Monster-Mania horror convention and then immediately brought up the concept of doing a live podcast marathon to benefit the rescue to Lynch. A fellow animal lover and dog rescue owner himself, Lynch was immediately on board with the idea.

“At Monster-Mania’s charity event I auctioned myself off for a date with a fan and also auctioned off a screen-used prop from HATCHET 2, ultimately helping the convention raise over $7,000 for the rescue,” says Green. “Given what huge dog lovers Lynch and I are and that our show’s mascot is my own Yorkie, Arwen, we felt like we had a huge opportunity here to use the popularity of ‘The Movie Crypt’ to really help ‘Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc.’ and help make a huge difference for so many dogs in need.”

Founded in 2002 by Marilyn and Don Faughner, “Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc.” is a 501c(3) federally qualified non-profit, all volunteer rescue that has saved over 2,500 Yorkies to date. “Most people have no idea that there is a rescue just for Yorkshire Terriers,” says Marilyn Faughner. “I never knew there was a need for a rescue for Yorkshire Terriers until one day someone asked me what happens when Yorkie owners divorce, deploy, or die – what happens to their Yorkies? Of course they need help. No dog should have to go to the pound because they lose their home. Now we are their temporary home until a forever home is found.” Faughner and her team of volunteers rehabilitate and foster Yorkies that are in need of a second chance, going through great lengths to personally place each dog in the right home and with a new, loving family. “We’re overwhelmed by what Adam, Joe, and Arwen are doing to help raise money and awareness for our organization,” adds Faughner. “Together we have a chance to save many, many lives with this event.”

During the live marathon broadcast listeners will be provided with information on how to directly donate to “Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc.” quickly and easily online. “Adam and I have been working hard to plan out the entire weekend that we’ll be broadcasting,” says Lynch. “This isn’t just about the endurance test of ‘can we stay awake?’ We’ve planned out a truly entertaining, fun, informative, and inspirational weekend. So many amazing artists have volunteered their time and talents to join us and contribute to this event. It’s going to be hard work, but man is it going to be fun.”

During episodes of “The Movie Crypt” in the weeks leading up to the event, Green and Lynch will be revealing just a few of the guests that listeners can expect to hear on the marathon, but the full line-up of guests and segments will be mostly kept under wraps. “The surprise of not knowing who will turn up to join us or exactly when they will be stopping by is a major part of the fun in listening to a live event like this,” says Green. Listeners can expect a combination of artists who have never done the program before and artists who have appeared on the show over the previous three years.

“Our goal with GeekNation was always to create a positive and supportive community,” says GeekNation and FanFix Tickets CEO Clare Kramer. “‘The Movie Crypt’ is not just one of our most successful programs; it is also one of our most important programs. Adam and Joe have made a positive impact in so many lives by encouraging people from all over the world not to give up on themselves, no matter how difficult their individual journeys may be. We all have enough people in our lives telling us ‘No,’ but every week ‘The Movie Crypt’ tells their listeners that ‘Yes, they can.’ We’re thrilled to provide the technical support and necessary personnel to make Adam and Joe’s live, 3-day marathon for ‘Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc.’ a major success.”

The special 3-day live broadcast will be available to listen to directly on GeekNation.com. Listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions and post comments for Green, Lynch, and their guests through their Twitter accounts (@Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @MovieCrypt) as well as watch and take part in live Periscope broadcasts on Green’s Periscope channel (@Adam_Fn_Green) throughout the weekend. “The Movie Crypt’s” dedicated link to donate directly to “Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc.” will be posted and given out consistently throughout the 3-day broadcast.

Artists and businesses looking to take part in this special event can make contact here.

the movie crypt - Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Arwen to Save the Yorkies

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