Necrostorm Launches Action Figures & Collectibles Line with Badass Adam Chaplin Sculpts


If you’re a gore fan and haven’t experienced the insane delights of Adam Chaplin, you’re doing yourself a disservice. But if you’re an existing fan, then we have some good news for you: Splatter mavens Necrostorm have expanded their range of horror-centric products to include action figures and themed collectibles — the first wave of which includes a rather impressive set of Adam Chaplin sculpts.

Cast from urethane resin, each collectible is a highly detailed custom sculpt depicting either the film’s titular avenger (and his demonic buddy, Derek); Adam’s nemesis, Denny; or the ill-fated Mike Carrera.

These are pretty damned cool — here’s hoping there’s more to come soon!

Feast your eyes on the following images, and check ’em out at the official Necrostorm website, where you can order straight from the company with free shipping worldwide.



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