check out the trailer for bizarre new indie flick romeo s distress - Check Out the Trailer for Bizarre New Indie Flick Romeo's Distress

Check Out the Trailer for Bizarre New Indie Flick Romeo’s Distress

In an era where remakes, sequels, and cyclical supernatural fare are the norm, many horror fans have turned to the underground for their chills and thrills.  While the budgets of films of this ilk are limited, a lot of them are labors of love that showcase enough talent and creativity to make their financial limitations not even an issue.

Give me a no-budget oddity that a filmmaker has poured his heart and soul into over a glossy, conventional hack job any day of the week.

One such oddity, Romeo’s Distress directed by Jeff Frumess, looks like a blast.  The film stars Anthony Malchar, Jeff Solomon, Charese Scott-Cooper, Adam Stordy, Dave Street, David “The Voice” Stein, Alex Echevarria, Stevie Grossett, and Kimberely Peterson as “Jane.”

The trailer is strange and unlike anything else out there at the moment, and that alone is worth something.  It also boasts some impressive production values for a film made on such a shoestring budget (around $2,500), not to mention an interesting premise inspired by a diverse collage of film and literary influences.  Check it out below!

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Romeo’s Distress is a weird, quirky, genre-bending, piece of “no-budget” filmmaking. It is a Shakespearean, Gothic horror-thriller that tells a story of a boy named James (Malchar), his unrequited love for a girl named Jane (Peterson), and her father’s (Solomon) sadistic (yet dutiful) response to it all.

If you like monochrome, Shakespeare, John Waters, Edgar Allan Poe, teenage angst, Gothic cemeteries, Surrealism, cheesecake, grandmas, ukuleles, carrots, melon, and gravediggers, then you will surely DIG Romeo!!!

Screen shot 2015 04 25 at 5.56.45 PM - Check Out the Trailer for Bizarre New Indie Flick Romeo's Distress