Melodic Mayhem: Murderland Adds Humor to Horrorpunk


Do you like a little humor injected into your horror? We all know that when done right, comedy and horror can be the greatest combination. Look at films like An American Werewolf in London, Shaun of the Dead, or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. So obviously a little humor mixed into some good horrorpunk could be a damned good idea also… if done right.

Murderland is a band that gets it right. With a sound that mixes horrorpunk with a pop punk sound and some of the most morbid lyrics guaranteed to keep you entertained, they are a perfect band to check out when you want something a little different than what most bands in the genre offer. In fact, I cannot think of another band that have a similar style, making Murderland a band with a style all its own!

Formed in 2005, Murderland consists of Mike Murder, Tony Bones, The Children, Jerry Also, and Paddy Statutory as their current line-up, which has changed several times over the last decade. The band released their first EP in 2007, entitled Lights Out, quickly making a name for themselves. Highlights from the album include the opening track, “Die Screaming,” as well as the insanely catchy “Mausoleum Girl” and “13 Jack O’ Lanterns.”

Arguably the best way I could describe the band’s sound is that you would definitely hear them on the radio right after a band like Blink-182… except for the fact that the band’s lyrics are so dark and morbid. You would think the poppy sound would counteract with the lyrics, but they somehow make it work.

Following the release of Lights Out, the band wouldn’t release another album until 2011, when they released what one could easily call their magnum opus with Prelude to a Kill. The album begins with a sample from Ghostbusters, setting the tone for a full album filled with horror and humor. If you aren’t familiar at all with the band, Prelude to a Kill is the perfect launching point, as it features some of their best work, with songs like “Partner in Crime,” “Video Creep,” “Hacksaw Romance,” and “Scum and Villainy” all being perfect party songs for the horror fan. But the true gem on the album is “Headcase,” which has some of the most disturbing lyrics you’d ever hear, matched up with a fast and upbeat punk sound. The sample from American Psycho certainly helps.

As was the case with their prior release, the band would vanish for several more years, only resurfacing earlier this year out of nowhere with their new album, Splitsville. Releasing the title track as the lead single from the album, which you can check out the video for below, other bright spots are “Whatever Happened,” “Beach Bunny Babylon,” and the closing track, “Another Homicide.” While not as strong an album as Prelude to a Kill, Splitsville is definitely worth checking out.

Be sure to head over to the Murderland BandCamp page to pick up your own copy of any of the band’s three albums, and make sure you “like” the guys on the Murderland Facebook page.

2007 – Lights Out
2011 – Prelude to a Kill
2016 – Splitsville




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