Accidental Exorcist

Intentional Exclusive Clip from the Accidental Exorcist

Gravitas Ventures has sent over an exclusive clip from Daniel Falicki’s Accidental Exorcist, which will hit On Demand and select theaters on June 24th. Check it out here, Body of Christ not included.

The film, written by Warren Croyle and Sheri Beth Dusek, centers on an alcoholic who just so happens to have been born with the gift of being a damn fine exorcist.

Summon demons by clicking the “play” button below!

The film stars Daniel Falicki, Sherryl Despres, Patrick Hendren, Chris Kotcher, and Jason Roth.

All Richard really wants is to finish his book, but fate dealt him a very strange hand – he is a natural born exorcist. In fact, he is the best there ever was, and with possessions on the rise across the city, he’s booked solid. Reluctantly, he faces the fact that performing exorcisms is the only thing he’s truly good at even though it’s wearing him down and making his life utterly miserable. Case after case, he stares evil incarnate in the face, taking on satanic forces to help those in need. However, he soon finds his power may also come with a cost to his own soul and must find a way to finally save himself before time runs out.

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