Kirk Acevedo Will Meet The Incurables


Writer Jack Reher (Into the Grizzly Maze) will make his directorial debut with The Incurables, an adaptation of Jon Bassoff’s same-named novel that centers on real-life lobotomy specialist Dr. Walter Freeman. The ’50s-set film is gearing up to begin production, and Reher just scooped us on the latest casting news.

We’re excited to report that Kirk Acevedo will star alongside Tom Sizemore. As we previously reported, Sizemore will also produce.

I’ve got the best crew,” Jack Reher excitedly told us. “Joseph White (Mother’s Day, Repo!) is my cinematographer. John Lind (Legends of the Fall) is my 1st AD. Kenneth Burke (Soul Surfer) is my producer/line producer. Jeff Grace (We Are What We Are, The Sacrament) is my composer.”

Reher wrote the script with Jean-Marie Sobeck.

Disgraced in the psychiatric hospital where he’d practiced nearly 30 years, Dr. Walter Freeman (Sizemore) has taken to traversing the country and proselytizing about a very new kind of salvation: the transorbitol lobotomy. With an icepick and a hammer, Freeman lands in a town full of degenerates that test his own sanity.




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