E3 2016: Mow Down Zombie Hordes in Days Gone


There’s a new open-world zombie survival game on the docket, and it’s called Days Gone. During Sony’s E3 press conference today in LA, the self-proclaimed action-adventure game was announced.

Brought to us by Bend Studio, Days Gone takes place two years after a global pandemic that killed off nearly the entire world’s population. There are millions of other people that were not killed, but rather transformed into what Days Gone calls “Freakers.” The lucky humans who survived this pandemic must fight constantly to stay alive.

Days Gone

In Days Gone, players will take on the role of Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter that prefers to travel the road solo rather than settling somewhere “safer.” Back when the world was all still in one piece, Deacon was an outlaw biker. His criminal ways are treating him well in the land overrun by Freakers, as he has skills that help keep him alive.

During the Sony presentation we were treated to the reveal of two different kinds of Freakers: newts and a horde. Hordes are just like they sound – gigantic groups of zombies that roam as one unit. They’re made up of hundreds of individual Freakers which eat, move, and attack together. Some of these hordes roam the highways at night, while still others choose to settle in one place if they have a steady food source. The other kind of Freaker, newts, were actually adolescents when they were transformed. They’re much sneakier than the hordes and prefer to dart in and out of the shadows to attack their prey.

Days Gone

Days Gone will take place in the Pacific Northwest. And it will have other traditional sandbox features to enjoy when you’re not mowing down Freaker hordes. Unfortunately there’s no release date right now for Days Gone, but we do have the reveal trailer to share! Sony and PlayStation have announced that they will upload their Days Gone gameplay video in the next few days. Within the next few months, they’ll reveal even more about the new game.

Let us know in the comments section what you think of Days Gone! Are you excited to play as Deacon, biker badass extraordinaire? How creepy do you think it will be to fight off giant hordes of Freakers? We’d love to know!




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