Friday the 13th Sequel “Not Happening”

You just never know where news is going to come from nowadays, and you have got to be really eagle-eyed to spot it. Luckily we have eyes everywhere and rarely miss a trick.

Two of those eyes belong to Brian Collins of Bloody Disgusting who discovered that over on Brad Fuller’s Twitter page a question regarding the status of Friday the 13th Part II was met with five little words that will no doubt crush the hopes of fans looking forward to a sequel — “it is dead – not happening.

And there you have it, folks. Unless someone else comes along looking to raise up his machete once again, it looks as if everyone’s favorite homicidal mama’s boy will be taking a powder for a while.

The ill-fated sequel to the 2009 Friday the 13th remake penned by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift was going to take place during the winter, be shot in 3D, and feature the return of Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees. We don’t really care about the 3D aspect or the season, but if anyone is really looking to make this happen, bring back Mears. The man deserves another go!

snow1 - Friday the 13th Sequel "Not Happening"

Uncle Creepy

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