Production Kicks Off on Habit in Manchester, UK

habit manchester - Production Kicks Off on Habit in Manchester, UK

Habit, an upcoming contemporary psychological horror film from the UK, has started a four-week shoot in Manchester, and we have all the early details for you right here.

From the Press Release:
GrimmFest Director and producer Rachel Richardson Jones, on behalf of Habit Films, announces the Manchester set, Manchester produced, and Manchester cast Habit.  “This is our third film in as many years out of the Grimm Up North/Not a Number stable, and we are thrilled to be making it here at home in Manchester. This is one of the finest cities in the world, and although much of our industry is based in London, I am so excited to be making Habit here at home,” said Jones.

Adapted from the highly acclaimed novel by Stephen McGeagh, the film is to be directed by Jones’ Not a Number partner, Simeon Halligan. Halligan was drawn to the story five years ago, but with his other filming commitments and running Manchester’s Grimm Up North film festival, he explains, “There has been little time until now to focus all my attention on the screenplay, but I am thrilled that we are going to start filming soon.”

“Habit is a sensuous, dark underworld of a film, set and to be filmed in and around the Northern Quarter,” continues Halligan, “seeking out the back streets and the last vestiges of the way it used to be. Interiors will be shot in the Pie Factory studios at Media City, Salford, the hub of film, TV, and media.  We have cast and crewed from within Manchester where it’s been possible. We love this city and want Manchester to feel they can own the film, a real coming together of Manchester’s talent – both in front of and behind the camera. We have brought together an amazing pool of Manchester acting talent: Elliot James Langridge, Jessica Barden, William Ash, Roxanne Pallet, and Andrew Ellis.

Habit (Kickstarter campaign here) portrays a dark, troubled underbelly of Manchester, where the addicted prey on the weak and lost. Langridge plays Michael, one who is lost, sharing a flat with his mate Dig (Ellis), who rarely bothers to get dressed. Michael spends most of his days at the Job Centre until he meets Lee (Barden). Lee works at a massage parlour, and Michael goes along one night, only to witness the violent death of a ‘punter.’ The owner of the business offers Michael a job, and he accepts. As he experiences blood-drenched flashbacks, Michael feels himself being gradually sucked into a strange twilight world that he doesn’t understand but finds irresistibly attractive.

Habit will premiere at GrimmFest 2017.

habit manchester - Production Kicks Off on Habit in Manchester, UK

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