A Lion Prowls the Streets of Amsterdam in New Prey Trailer


There’s a lion loose in Amsterdam! Could be worse I guess. At least there’s no bloodthirsty asshole dentist from Minnesota this time.

The idea of a big cat on the loose in an urban area is certainly nothing new, but the upcoming Dutch film Prey looks like it could be something special, especially as it comes from director Dick Maas, whose previous horror credits include Amsterdamned, Sint, and Do Not Disturb.

The lion will roar when Prey hits Dutch screens in October, and we’ll be sure to inform you when we hear of an international release.

When the police discover the bodies of a slaughtered family living on a farm just outside of Amsterdam, they are clueless as to what happened. Lizzy, an attractive veterinarian working in the Amsterdam Zoo, confirms their suspicions; there must be a lion on the loose! And judging by the wounds of the mutilated victims, the lion must be big, strong, and vicious!

Several more gruesome attacks follow, and Lizzy is convinced there is a maneater roaming the streets of Amsterdam. She has trouble, however, convincing the authorities of the danger. When they finally set up a press conference to warn the public of the danger, their statement is met with disbelief. No one has seen the lion, and there is not much evidence of its existence. The public’s disbelief disappears when the lion goes on a murder spree in a streetcar full of people.

After a disastrous failed attempt by the nephew of the chief of police to hunt down and kill the lion, a friend of Lizzy’s, a famous English lion hunter, is flown in. The police are stunned to see that the man has only one leg and is confined to a wheelchair. Slowly their worries disappear when the man seems to know what he is talking about and the power wheelchair, equipped with snowmobile tracks, makes him almost as fast as a speeding lion.

Still, the authorities are not convinced of the lion hunter’s skills. They send in an Army squad, but their mission ends in more bloodshed – albeit not the lion’s.

Finally the lion hunter gets permission to hunt down the lion in his own way. He succeeds in tracking down the lion to a University building, and with Lizzy’s help he manages to kill the beast, losing his life in the process. When Lizzy accompanies her deceased friend in an ambulance to the hospital, the lion has one more surprise up his sleeve…

Prey Prooi



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