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Sarah Wilkinson


DC’s The Devil’s Muse: Artist Spotlight – Sarah Wilkinson

u997087244 o718192163 54 e1463468882298 283x300 - DC's The Devil's Muse:  Artist Spotlight - Sarah WilkinsonHere at Dread Central we’re always looking for more ways to appreciate horror culture. The community is a vast one, and its reaches extend across every medium, including art. With this new feature The Devil’s Muse, we plan to highlight the countless artists out there who focus on the macabre, the spooky, the dreadful side of art.

Horror artists are many, and we love them, so why not share what we find with you, dear readers?

This time around we’re taking a closer look at Sarah Wilkinson.

She was one of the youngest artists to be an officially approved Lucasfilm artist. Her body of work includes trading cards for properties like Star Wars, Dr. Who, Batman, Star Trek, Spider-Man, and many more. Sarah’s artwork has also been used on comic books, children’s Halloween masks, story illustrations, children’s books, and even remote control cars for Disney.

Sarah’s art still includes famous properties from time to time, but she’s also branched out into more fine art. Much of this features beautiful women, with fantasy elements thrown in for good measure. Skeletons and sugar skulls are a recurring theme in her work as well.

Take a closer look at Sarah’s work on her website or her Facebook page. And stayed tuned for the next Devil’s Muse!

sw art 5 - DC's The Devil's Muse:  Artist Spotlight - Sarah Wilkinson


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