A Status Update on The Vampire Diaries and What the Future Holds


vampdiaries - A Status Update on The Vampire Diaries and What the Future HoldsDuring the same interview in which he gave an update on Scream 4, Kevin Williamson dished out a little info on what fans of his hit TV series The Vampire Diaries have to look forward to in the coming years (yes, years)!

Before he got to the future, though, Williamson talked a bit to iF Magazine about the present state of the show and how fortunate he was to find Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder to play his three leads, Dobrev in particular. “You know, it is always hard to find that anchor…And it is so hard to cast that part that you actually see when you do it and when you don’t do it…We so scored with her [Dobrev] and the two guys [Somerhalder and Wesley]. I mean, I feel like I’ve hit a home run, and for whatever part I played in that, I pat myself on the back.

They just save me on a daily basis. They’re so good. [Dobrev] started out brilliant, and she’s still pretty brilliant. I think what’s changed is they’re all getting more comfortable in their roles, and so there’s this feeling that she’s taking over the role now. She owns it, it’s hers now…I feel like now I’m writing for Elena/Nina, who are all one and the same now…We haven’t even tapped her. I don’t know if we’ll even be able to tap her for this show. It might be a movie ten years from now that taps whatever else is in there. Because I’m going to try to use everything I can, but there’s a lot in there. And I think that girl is mega-talented.”

Re the future, although the big plot points are mapped out in advance, Williamson says that the more he and the other writers see the work of the cast, the more the characters are being written to suit the actors playing them. He continues, “We’re just trying to get to the good part because we’re not running out of story. As anyone knows, we actually have tent-poled the first three seasons, so we know the tent poles we’re trying to reach for the first three seasons. So we’re not really going through story, we’re just trying to get to the next chapter.”

The show will continue to revolve around Elena, Stefan and Damon for the foreseeable future. “Those are our core group, and our supporting characters we’re going to stick to for the first season. And then we’re going to be bringing in new characters [who are] sort of recurring, like Melinda Clarke as Matt’s mother. I’m hoping that she will always be Matt’s mother, so while she’ll [initially] come in for three episodes, I hope she’ll come back.”

Be sure to hit the iF link to read the rest of the interview, in which Williamson discusses location scouting in Georgia, and tune in to Episode 16, “There Goes the Neighborhood” tonight on the CW.

For more visit The Vampire Diaries‘ official site.

Debi Moore

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