7 Badass Werewolves You’ve Probably Never Seen


As horror fans we have a curse, and I don’t mean lycanthropy, although that would be appropriate for this article. It means we have to watch everything… even if we know it’s bad. Why that is… well… that’s anyone’s guess.

When it comes to werewolves in movies, everyone looks to the classics… The Wolf Man, An American Werewolf in London, Dog Soldiers, The Howling, et al. And rightly so… these movies not only got the formula right, but they featured some of the best hairy beasts in the biz.

But there are some werewolf movies, both new and old, you really should check out if the fanged ones are your bag! (Note: Some of these movies are nowhere near as good as their monsters, but hey… remember that curse I mentioned? Yeah, deal with it!)

1996’s Bad Moon is making its way to Blu-ray via Scream Factory, and if we were you, we’d wait it out to watch it in all its high-definition glory. In the interim check out the big bad beastie below.

Bad Moon

It’s impossible to extol the virtues of Adrián García Bogliano’s Late Phases enough. Just take your ass to the store, or buy it online if it escaped you. You’ll be thanking us later!

Late Phases

In 2000 the decade kicked off with a bang when John Fawcett made us all fall in love with and then run screaming from Katharine Isabelle in Ginger Snaps, a werewolf movie where “the curse” takes on a whole new meaning!

Ginger Snaps

When it comes to classic werewolf movies, few hold a candle to Hammer Films’ The Curse of the Werewolf from 1961, which featured Oliver Reed as a truly tortured soul named Leon. Sure, this was made at the time when Hammer was creating new spins on classic monsters, but with Curse they may have even one-upped Universal’s The Wolf Man. That’s no easy task!

The Curse of the Werewolf

Never mind Snakes on a Plane; what we have here in Howl are werewolves on a train, and it’s as delightfully bloody and fun as it sounds. Some truly unique looking creatures only add to the mayhem of this good old fashioned monster movie.


2006’s Big Bad Wolf is the sleaziest entry on this list, but man, is it a blast to watch! Order pizza, light your party favors, call your friends, and pop open a six-pack. Life is good!

Big Bad Wolf

Wes Craven’s 2005 werewolf flick Cursed is not a good movie. It really isn’t. BUT if you can track down the unrated DVD (the Blu-ray is only home to the PG13-rated cut; thanks, Weinsteins), it sure is a wondrously bloody mess with a really cool monster in it–that is, when the practical effects are allowed to shine. Dig on the beastie below.


So, what flicks gets you so fired up that you sprout fur and fangs? Tear shit up in the comments section below!



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