The Mandylor Brothers Are Cursed on Syfy This Saturday


Saw VI on DVD doesn’t give you enough of the epic scowling you love from Costas Mandylor? This Saturday night on Syfy, Costas Mandylor and his kid brother Louis will be engaging in tag team action against a demonic creature when The Cursed makes its world premiere.

Costas Mandylor stars as Sheriff Jimmy Muldoon, who, along with his young brother, Deputy Lloyd Muldoon (played by Costas’ real-life younger sibling Louis), find their cozy Tennessee hometown less than idyllic after a stranger comes to town and supernatural horrors begin. That supernatural horror comes in the form of a wrathful monster man with a scolex mouth, sort of like the “X-Files” Flukeman got mated with the Jeepers Creepers creature.

Josie Davis of “Charles in Charge” fame co-stars as Mrs. Jimmy Muldoon. Also look for James Marshall of “Twin Peaks” and Gladiator (the Cuba Gooding, Jr., underground boxing version, not the Oscar-winning ancient Rome version) in a supporting role.

Joel Bender (Midnight Kiss, Rich Girl) directs the film originally titled Tenebreous until someone realized nobody knows what that means and decided to saddle the film with the far more simplistic title The Cursed.

The Cursed premieres Saturday evening on Syfy at 9/8 Central. There is no midnight repeat. That’s usually not a good sign.

Have a look at the trailer below and decide for yourself if The Cursed is indeed cursed.

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