Clock Tower Creator Hifumi Kono And Grudge Creator Takashi Shimizu Working Together On New Horror Game NightCry


Remember Clock Tower? I don’t suppose that many people do. The point and click horror video game series may have been moderately successful back in the day, but after the release of Clock Tower 3 back in 2003 (2002 in Japan) it’s been all but forgotten.

There is yet hope for fans, however, as the creator of the series, Hifumi Kono, is working on a spiritual successor called NightCry, which, whilst not being an official instalment in the franchise, will retain may of its key elements. If you were a fan of Clock Tower, then have a look at the trailers below, and start feeling nostalgic. Hell, the villain of the game, known as Scissorwalker, is basically a carbon copy of Scissorman from Clock Tower. They’ve barely even tried to hide the fact that they clearly wanted to make it part of the series.

The game’s set on a luxury ocean liner, where the scissor wielding lunatic decides that slaughtering all the passengers will surely liven up the seafaring experience.

As if NightCry couldn’t get anymore awesome, the creator of The Grudge franchise, Takashi Shimizu, is also assisting in the game’s development. He also directed a short film (the last video below) to help promote it.

NightCry will launch on PC this year after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Head over to the official site to stay updated in the meantime.




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