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Watch Two Episodes from Apocalyptic Web Series Down Twisted



Indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez has a thing for the Apocalypse. In addition to his film The Last Battleground, in which heaven and hell have an ultimate showdown for control of the earth, he also has a new web series entitled “Down Twisted” that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war.

Two episodes are available now, with more coming each week. Here are the details direct from Sonny himself: A strange cancer has been unleashed, a cancer that kills everyone before they hit their 20th birthday. Even worse, girls aren’t being born anymore … mankind is going extinct. The kids that have survived live in gangs on the outskirts of the world because the cities are filled with mutants who have become monsters due to the radiation. “Down Twisted” is the story of Alex, a rogue who doesn’t belong to a gang, and Jordan, who may just be the only female left in the world … and the only hope the world has left.

Fernandez promises that although “Down Twisted” (his first movie) has a few flaws, viewers can expect an exciting adventure full of blood, guts, curse words, running, screaming, and most of all FUN!

To keep up on everything else Fernandez has cooking, be sure to visit his MySpace page.

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