Watch the Horror-Themed Trailer for God Module’s New EP

Here at Dread Central we’ve been attempting to integrate music news into the site a bit more, and today we got an email that fits the bill perfectly. God Module’s Byron C. Miller (vocals, live keyboards) dropped us a line to let us know the trailer for the band’s new EP, “The Magic In My Heart Is Dead”, is available for your viewing pleasure.

God Module is an “aggrotech” band that was founded in Orlando, Florida in 1999. They relocated to western Washington in 2006 and are currently signed to Metropolis Records in the U.S. Miller’s fellow bandmates are Jasyn Bangert (vocals, synth, programming) and Courtney Bangert (vocals, live keyboards). In addition to his musical contributions, Miller served as the video’s director, cinematographer, and editor.

Here’s what Byron told us about the band and the trailer: It was shot on location at a local Washington Haunt (Stocker Farms’ Field of Screams) and illustrates the EP’s sureal, sinister, magical tone. Being one of the original purveyors of Spooky Dance Music©, God Module still know how to do it best. Eerie synth lines, crushing beats, and vocals that change from a whisper to a subdued growl at the blink of an eye are just a few things that describe all things God Module. As a teaser to their upcoming 2010 album, Metropolis is proud to present “The Magic In My Heart Is Dead” EP. Featuring four new tracks and six remixes, the EP also contains a cover of Gary Numan’s “Me, I Disconnect From You.”

“The Magic In My Heart Is Dead” is coming February 23, 2010. Check out the trailer below, and if you like what you see and hear, visit them on MySpace to learn more about God Module, including where you can catch them live.

Debi Moore

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  1. It’s really good to see music in the news here more frequently although since I’ve been here I haven’t seen it at all until recently. Anyway, never heard of these guys but it sounds right up my alley. Thanks!

  2. It is SO awesome to see Jasyn Bangert’s band God Module getting some Dread love! I have listened to his band for years and think that his music is the most amazing and purest form of evil and sex! I hope that more people will find to love HIS band as much as I do when they run across this!

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