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John Landis Brings Us Some Guy Who Kills People

landis - John Landis Brings Us Some Guy Who Kills PeopleWant to talk about an unlikely trio to get together to make a film? Try this one on for size … a writer who’s penned an episode of a medical TV comedy, a director who’s straight out of The Asylum, and a prolific genre director now serving as producer on a film with a title so wacky you can’t help but want to see it. Interested yet? We are.

John Landis will be producing the new flick, Some Guy Who Kills People, about a quiet town that is uprooted by a series of murders committed by someone bent on revenge.

While details are pretty lean right now other than that the film is casting for a January shoot, Shock Till You Drop has learned that handling the writing duties will be Ryan Levin, who directed a short film called Tour de Fright and penned an episode of “Scrubs”, and in the director’s chair will be Jack Perez, who recently gave us The Asylum’s most successful film, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

Color us intrigued. More on this one as it comes.

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