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J.D. Lifshitz is Ready to be Killed on the Fourth of July



It was just a few short months ago that we had the honor of meeting teenage horror uber-fan J.D. Lifshitz. We were at a Fango convention, and this dude knew how to light up a room with his enthusiasm. Horror fans are a rare breed, and usually when we put our minds to something, we set out to get it done. At just 17 years old the kid has begun living the dream, and it’s with great pleasure and pride that we let you guys know that his very first film, Killed on the Fourth of July, will be slashing its way to your home soon.

Fangoria just put up an incredibly in-depth article about J.D. and his film that’s riddled with behind-the-scenes stuff, and you really should follow the above link and check it out. Such an amazing story!

Killed on the Fourth of July was written and directed by Lifshitz with horror maven Tim Sullivan producing. Check out a synopsis and a trailer below. Congrats, J.D.! We are so fucking proud of you, brother!

From the Article:
The plot of KILLED ON THE FOURTH OF JULY consists of the journey of Karl Chane. Left deformed after a horrible prank, poor Karl spends his days working at the Carnival his parents raised him on. Now Karl is getting older, his parents have passed away, and people not only avoid him, but his booth as well. He is practically companionless, with the possible exception of Castle, the Carnival owner. Things start looking up for Karl when he meets 6-year-old Kassidy Rail, a little girl who sees past Karl’s deformities, treating him with compassion, kindness, and respect. Outraged that his daughter has anything to do with this walking train wreck, Kassidy’s father, Mr. Rail, puts a stop to Karl’s newfound friendship by alerting Castle and having Karl fired. Meanwhile, Kassidy’s teenage sister, Shannon, is throwing a little 4th of July party, but Karl is not going to give up so easily. Karl, now with no job and nothing to lose, decides to go get Kassidy, disposing of anyone who gets in his way.

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