Another Amityville Remake Coming?

I know what you’re saying? Another Amityville Horror? Truth be told, we didn’t really mind the first remake by Platinum Dunes. Hell, it was better than the original which doesn’t stand up well at all. For our money it’s Amityville II: The Possession that ranks as best of the bunch. So the question beckons — Are we ready for another remake?

Though nothing official has been confirmed yet, Bloody Disgusting has caught wind that Dimension Films is in the early stages of getting one going. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for you on this one, but the fact remains. Amityville‘s a money maker. If another remake doesn’t come sooner, it will come later. Let’s just brace ourselves and hope for the best, shall we?

amity - Another Amityville Remake Coming?

Uncle Creepy

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Written by Steve Barton

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  1. Its funny I hate the original and the remake but 2 was great. I guess I find it all old being as how i only live one town away from Amityville. Just a tired old story. They need to make a movie based on the TRUE events and forget the supernatural side of it for the most part. Now that would be interesting at least to me.

  2. I stand by my comments of liking the remake more than the original. The first film while charming in every single imaginably cheesy way and beloved in my household for being one of those bad good movies, never did it for me. Except for Part 2, none of them did. That being said, being one of the most enjoyable in the series, even for a remake, isn’t exactly a Herculean task.

  3. Creepy, I don’t care what anyone else says…I LOVED the remake…and I FELL ASLEEP during the original…in the middle of the day. Case closed. Anyway, Ryan Reynolds was awesome in the remake and it was WAY better than the original…one of the few things PD has done right.

  4. Sorry. Wrong.

    “Truth be told, we didn’t really mind the first remake by Platinum Dunes. Hell, it was better than the original which doesn’t stand up well at all.”

    Could not disagree more.

  5. Yeah, I’d have to say WTF too. I know the performances in the original were pretty lackluster but I still consider it to be one of the classics. The remake was horrible.

  6. So their remaking remakes now? Wow, Hollywood really sees the general public at sheep if they think they can jusr remake the same movie over and over again and make money off it.

  7. As with most things horror related, just read the original book, it is a fast fun read. Are we really to the point where we can’t even give a remake five years before we remake it AGAIN?!? I still believe we should enact the 40 year rule. No movie should EVER be the victim of a remake unless it is atleast 40 years old, and then it should be voted on by a secret panel of uber movie nerds.

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