Hatchet 2 is a Go! Adam Green Returns!

hatchet2 - Hatchet 2 is a Go! Adam Green Returns!The news plenty of horror fans have been looking forward to finally broke this morning … Adam Green will be returning to the ground that put him on the map to write and direct Hatchet 2. Of course, we dug a little deeper and got you guys some more info beyond the surface stuff.

“It was never a matter of money, just timing,” Green tells us. “We wanted to make sure that everyone involved with the first film could come back before any of us committed. By the time the first one came out, we were all just exhausted. It took two years. Being that the film was successful, everybody wanted us to do a sequel immediately, but again — we were all Hatcheted out! We didn’t want to make a Hatchet movie just to make a Hatchet movie. Now that all parties concerned have had a chance to rest, and I’ve gotten to spread my wings creatively a bit what with Spiral, Frozen, etc., we can all return to make the movie that fans want to see. We fielded a lot of offers to do this film from a lot of places. There was a great deal of talk about trying to reach a broader audience with the sequel. No one ever said PG-13, but it was in the back of our heads. Anchor Bay came to us and said — ‘Make the movie that you want to make.’ That’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

So what can we expect? “There were things about the first film — questions that were never answered. Hatchet 2 will start the second the first film ends. Sort of like Halloween II did with Carpenter’s Halloween. Part 2 will not be a typical sequel, meaning we’re not just taking another group of kids and sticking them in the woods to be killed. We’re going to learn about Victor Crowley, find out what happened to him, what makes him tick, and what made him the way that he is. Being that it’s a Hatchet movie, there’s going to be humor in it, but we’re going to focus more on scares this time around. And you can expect a major gore-fest. This one is going to make the first film look like it was PG-13. We are going to go as far as we can possibly go with Hatchet 2. We were talking to Kane about the kills, and even he was excited. That’s saying something! He’s done it all! If you liked the first film, you’re gonna LOVE the second. Also, we’re going to have a couple of more horror icons in the movie, but not as just cameos this time. You can expect some big surprise casting news very soon!”

So there you have it, people. Full steam ahead. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Frozen will be upon us soon, but Adam warns us … it’s nothing like Hatchet. “Every time people mention my name along with producer Peter Block’s, it’s always followed by Hatchet and Saw,” Green continues. “Frozen, while definitely terrifying, is also very realistic and dramatic. On Hatchet my influences were movies like An American Werewolf in London, Fright Night, and of course all of the Eighties slasher films. On Frozen it’s more like Rope and Lifeboat. You’re not going to be seeing heads getting cut off and flying through the air. The best compliment we’ve gotten on Frozen is how many people have cried while watching it.”

We can’t wait. Look for more soon!

Uncle Creepy

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