Vampire Themed Films Saturate AFM


vampiremouth - Vampire Themed Films Saturate AFMIn case you somehow didn’t get the message, vampires are hot right now. Extremely hot. Along with the already familiar titles Stake Land and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, this year’s AFM is home to several other toothsome flicks that are giving their all to jump on The Twilight Saga‘s sparkly bandwagon.

Here’s a sample courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

Blood: A Butcher’s Tale, from Horizon Motion Pictures, trots out vampires as the romantic and physical rivals of the forlorn butcher of the title.

Toothin Theatre’s The Death of Alice Blue puts a comely intern in the hands of an advertising company run by — yep — bloodsuckers (no surprise there).

Amadeus Pictures is hawking Vampiro, a Mexican-American/East L.A. take on vampire gangs and sexy vampira.

Where will it end? I don’t think we’ll find out anytime soon since, as THR says, “There’s plenty for buyers [and fans of the subgenre] to sink their teeth into.” We’ll be keeping an eye on these proposed projects and keep you posted.

Debi Moore

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