Old-School Radio Horror! Dreadtime Stories Return for Halloween!

What is more frightening: the monster you can see, or the one you can’t? Is it more frightening to see the beast, or to hear its breath as it rasps behind you, waiting to drag your soul to hell? Sit down in your favorite chair and hearken back to yesteryear.

Turn off the lights, turn on the radio, and prepare to have your imagination torn to shreds. From the mind of author Scott A. Johnson comes Dreadtime Stories, a new experience in old-school horror.

Tonight’s episode is entitled “Forget the Treats.” Check out the official Dreadtime Stories Facebook page here, which is riddled with pictures from the recording sessions, and follow @dreadtimestrys on Twitter!

Click on the book below to listen, and look for this episode to hit iTunes a little later on in the day.

dts - Old-School Radio Horror! Dreadtime Stories Return for Halloween!

Scott A. Johnson
Becca Stokinger
Tabatha Johnson
Heather McCrocklin
Hoshizora Aona

Scott A. Johnson

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Written by Scott A. Johnson


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  1. This is so much fun … and the perfect treat for Halloween. I hope everyone takes a few minutes to grab your friends and family, turn down the lights, indulge in your favorite extra-curricular mood-setting activities, and give it a listen. Scott and his crew have been working hard to bring you something special and unique, and we think they nailed it!

  2. I love this new feature.

    It’s great to see something that reckons back to the genre’s radio days – and does so with a sense of fun.

    Seriously, don’t take my word for it, dear readers. Give this one a try tonight. It’s a blast.

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