David Ury Sends Killer Toy Robots Out on a Rampage in Augustine

Character actor David Ury (Schizo Head in Rob Zombie’s 31, “Breaking Bad,” Fear Inc.) just wrote in to let us know about his latest short film, which features killer toy robots out for blood in Augustine.

From the Press Release:
Festival winning horror short Augustine is now available free online. Starring actors from “Breaking Bad” and “American Horror Story,” Augustine is live on YouTube NOW!

The 8-minute horror short won Best Short at Calgary Horror Con and was nominated for Best International Short and Best Short Screenplay at Australia’s Monster Fest and will soon show at the South Texas Underground Film Festival.

In Augustine, a group of kids visit the cabin of a recently deceased toymaker to find that his toys are still very much alive. The film stars “American Horror Story” alum Shelby Young and Reid Ewing (Fright Night, “Modern Family”) along with David Ury (“Breaking Bad,” Rob Zombie’s 31) and Tahmus Rounds (The Crazies, “True Blood”).

Co-creator Ury describes Augustine as “a tongue-in-cheek homage to the classic 80’s horror films we grew up watching.” The real stars of the film are a group of terrifying homemade toy robots designed by Rounds.

The film was co-directed by David Neptune and Ury. Augustine began production in 2012 but required intensive work in post-production and was not released to festivals until the fall of 2014. Ury explains, “We approached this project as a kind of alternative to film school. Instead of studying in a classroom, we just decided to make a film. We are thrilled at the great reception it’s gotten at festivals so far.”

Since making Augustine, the directing team has gone on to make groundbreaking viral videos and are currently at work on a new comedic television series and a horror feature.

Killer Toy Robots - David Ury Sends Killer Toy Robots Out on a Rampage in Augustine