Ferox Brings Cannibal Exploitation Horror to Tabletop Gaming


After watching Cannibal Holocaust for the 100th time, have you ever wanted to continue the adventure with a group of friends sitting around a table? Ryan Sheffield and Brad Dougher at Craft Fair Games are attempting to make such an experience happen with Ferox, a tabletop game that recreates the drama, tension, and gore associated with cannibal exploitation horror movies. Here’s the problem: They still need some cash to make it happen, which is where you come in.

Before we stick a link in your face, let’s explore the game’s concept:

THIS IS FEROX, an asymmetrical card-battling game for 2 players, inspired by (and satirizing) the cannibal exploitation horror films of the early ’80s. One player assumes the role of a documentary film crew that has crash-landed in the jungles of an uncharted island and must escape at all costs. The other player controls four tribes of natives who have banded together to rid their homeland of the sadistic, drug-addled invaders—and some of them have a very literal taste for blood…

The Film Crew must survive. The Natives must retaliate. ALL MUST KILL!

Chock-full of vicious dice-chucking, light deck-building, and retro horror nostalgia, Ferox is the most fun you’ll ever have killing and eating your friends!


148 Cards (fully-illustrated, linen)
65 Wooden Cubes
11 Custom Dice
1 Rulebook (24 pages, full-color)

If you’d like to add some flesh-eating cannibals to your tabletop gaming experiences, then you need Ferox in your life. Head over to the Kickstarter campaign page to check it out.

Ferox Game



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