Fan-Made Short Hellraiser: Origins Premiering at HollyShorts Film Festival


It was on Halloween of 2013 that filmmaker Mike Le Han unleashed the teaser trailer for his short film Hellraiser: Origins, which he described as a pitch video for a reboot of the horror classic. He hoped that his vision would catch the attention of Dimension Films, and it damn sure caught ours.

The filmmaker’s vision of Hell was brought to life by artist Paul Gerrard for several pieces of eye-catching concept art that suggested the duo was on to something special, and now we’ve learned that the full short will finally screen for the public at this weekend’s HollyShorts Film Festival.

Feature film Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 is the highlight of the event, taking place at TCL Chinese Theatre 6 in Hollywood, California, and Hellraiser: Origins will screen alongside other shorts such as Bigfoot Hunters, Hell’s Kitty, Secret Admirer, The Borrower, and Boudoir.

Check out the teaser below, along with the original idea for the pitch.

In July Paul Gerrard and Mike Le Han produced a teaser trailer to accompany the pitch document which has many more conceptual designs that revision Hellraiser. Paul designed the new look for Pinhead and was production designer on the shoot, and Le Han pulled in all of his film resources and directed the teaser on the new Alex 4:3 camera with anamorphic lenses.

With a crew of 47 and over 100 bloodied extras, the shoot was completed and is now in the depths of post-production with a massive amount of VFX work being undertaken. Method Studios, Fugitive Studios, and Flipbook Animation are helming the VFX with the talented Glen Southern designing the new Hellraiser box.

When the teaser is complete, they’ll be presenting it to Dimension Films along with an outline of the first film story and conceptual art pitch document with the hope to work on rebooting the Hellraiser franchise and bringing it into the 21st Century.


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