Watch Cracked’s New Web Series The Stumbling Dead Right Here!


Cracked, one of the United States’ longest running humor institutions and home of the Webby Award-winning web series After Hours, today launched the newest series from Cracked Studios, entitled The Stumbling Dead. All four episodes, which were written by Cody Johnston, are now available on Cracked’s YouTube channel; and you can check them out below.

Head writer Johnston and director Abe Epperson lead a cast that includes Katy Stoll, Espie Randolph, Michael Swaim, and Tess Paras.

The Stumbling Dead follows a group of newly-turned zombies on the run in search of a safe haven. Hunted by deadly, gun-toting “food” – non-zombified humans, that is – the zombies follow their bloodthirsty instincts. But in their pursuit of brains, they often find themselves thwarted by their own, well, brainlessness.

“We gave ourselves a very lofty goal, to create a realistic zombie apocalypse for a web series while simultaneously turning the genre on its head and finding the punch lines in between the gore,” says Johnston. “But we’re thrilled with the outcome and excited to share it with the whole internet.”–i5Lg




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