Can You Scare Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino in 15 Seconds? If So You Can Score Something Big!


UPDATED: We picked some of our favorite entries so far below.

Recently Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, and CryptTV turned to Instagram to find the next crop of scary shorts. Below are some of the best submissions so far, with the winner being announced on Halloween. Check ’em out! At 15 seconds each, what do you have to lose?

Taken (with @cara_dolim ) #15SecondScare @crypttv

A video posted by Chad Bronder (@chadbronder) on

@crypttv Shriek! #15secondscare #halloween #zombie #zombies #horror #film @realeliroth @jordanpeele A video posted by Nick Lines (@nicklinesla) on
#15secondscare @crypttv A video posted by Jorge Jaramillo (@lordbinah) on

@horrorgrams episode 13 “Bloody Mary” @crypttv for your consideration #15secondscare #horrorgrams

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RABBIT #15secondscare #weirdisgood @crypttv A video posted by Daniel Yonathan (@danielyonathan) on

Our friends over at Crypt TV have something pretty sweet cooking for you independent filmmakers out there that could lead to a very promising career in the biz. And it’ll only take you 15 seconds! Read on for details.

Crypt TV, the digital genre network co-founded by Eli Roth and Jack Davis that has a strategic partnership with Blumhouse Productions, has launched #15SecondScare – an online contest to create the scariest short on Instagram judged by Roth, Quentin Tarantino, deadmau5, Jordan Peele, Vanessa Hudgens, Gaspar Noe, and Jason Blum.

The grand prize winner will get $10,000 to have his/her #15SecondScare turned into a short by Crypt TV. Anyone can enter by simply uploading a video to Instagram and tagging @CryptTV and #15SecondScare. Contestants are welcome to post either a clip from an existing short film, an excerpt from an older work, or an entry shot specifically for the contest. The winner will be announced on Halloween (October 31, 2015).

Here are the details from Eli: “Anyone with a smart phone can enter; you don’t need any connections in Hollywood, just your creativity. We are thrilled to partner with Instagram this year to give everyone time to really create a great scary short. It’s a fun Halloween event that anyone in the world can be a part of. I’ve terrified you all these years, and now it’s your chance to scare US. Let’s see what you’ve got!”

#15SecondScare is the latest original digital franchise from Crypt TV, which previously produced the first ever Snapchat murder mystery. Full contest details and regulations can be found on



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