Social Media Horror Flick Framed Posts a Trailer


After the success of Unfriended, it seems that the dawn of social media-based horror movies is upon us. Enter Framed, a new Spanish flick which starts shooting next year from director Marc Jordan Martinez. The teaser below will be presented at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival to help the film secure funding and buyers. Until then, we also have a very detailed synopsis. The English isn’t great, but who cares? I guess when you’re working on such a low budget, proofreaders are not easily affordable.

Short film director Marc Jordan Martinez, a 2012 graduate of the ESCAC (School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia), author of the awarded Timothy (2014) and Horseface (2015) and co-director of the group film Los Inocentes (2013), produced by ESCAC FILMS, will make the leap to feature films with Framed, produced by director and producer Marc Carreté (Asmodexia, 2014).

The film, a contemporary teen horror slasher, will also be the presentation of CREATURES OF THE DARK, a new independent label based in Barcelona, ​​which will specialize in the production of low-budget entertainment horror contents.

Framed will be shot in Barcelona in March 2016. James Cuspinera, ESCAC final projects tutor and one of persons responsible for EVA (Kike Maíllo, 2011) is the script writer of the film.

The plot of the film will analyze the use and abuse of a sinister network. Here’s the synopsis:

Framed is a mysterious website that emerges from the Internet only during 24 hours. The users who logged in could live broadcast from their mobile phones, being followed by millions of Internet users all around the world. The website offered a great sum of money to the user that gathers more audience in those 24 hours. There are no rules. There is no censorship.

User “Damon37” won 2 million euro, thanks to his 100 million viewers. He live slaughtered three girls, and although a lot of people thought that was a fake video, the next day the mutilated bodies of the victims were found. Neither he nor the creators of the RSI were ever identified.

Today, nearly a year after the events, the website has surfaced again with a simple countdown. Human greed and curiosity have no limits. Expectation is huge. The authorities warn about the risks in every town. When the counter reaches 0:00:00, they will confirm their suspicions. Framed is back!

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The cast confirmed thus far includes Alex Maruny (Promoció Fantasma, Red Band Society) and Claudia Pons (Elisa K, Asmodexia). The technical and artistic team will be formed by young talents. Among them are Yusei Riera and Hodei del Barrio, director of photography and art director, respectively, also trained in ESCAC and whose work we’ve already seen in previous Marc Martinez Jordan films.

The world premiere of the film is scheduled for the end of 2016. We will keep you posted.

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