Eva Longoria and Jason Blum Head Into the Zone of Silence

Jason Blum’s company Blumhouse Productions, in case you haven’t noticed, has absolutely taken over the horror world, with so many projects in the works at all times that it’s becoming impossible to even keep track. Up next, Blum heads to NBC for a new paranormal horror series. Read on!

Deadline reports that Eva Longoria is teaming with Jason Blum to executive produce genre-themed drama project “Zone of Silence” for NBC. The upcoming series is based on a phenomenon/urban myth in the Mapimí desert area of Mexico where radio signals supposedly don’t travel, making for a total communications blackout.

“Zone of Silence,” written by Rashad Raisani (“Allegiance”), focuses on the area acting like a domestic Bermuda Triangle, an invisible interference which appears in the Southwest and not only wreaks havoc on communications but is central to key myths, folklore, and legends. When a group of ICE agents go missing under odd circumstances within the “zone,” a task force is formed to find them. Science clashes with the unexplained on a weekly basis while the larger search to explain the disappearance continues.

The show is also being executive produced by actor Eric Winter (“The Mentalist”). The project hails from Universal TV, where Longoria and Ben Spector’s UnveliEVAble Entertainment is under an overall deal and Blum’s Blumhouse has a deal as part of the company’s broader agreement with NBCUniversal.

Blumhouse Productions - Eva Longoria and Jason Blum Head Into the Zone of Silence

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