Dino-Riders Movie Reportedly in the Works at Mattel

Grabbing a handful of toys and throwing them haphazardly into the Hollywood machine has worked well for several studios over the past couple of years. Although G.I. Joe is still having trouble proving that it’s worthy of our attention, Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures are practically printing money at this point with the Transformers franchise. Should Jem and the Holograms make a ton of cash at the box office later this month, you can expect studios to delve deep into your toy box to see what old shows they can magically transform into modern-day cinematic gold.

Here’s something you probably never expected to hear: According to The Tracking Board, the boys and girls at Mattel are looking to develop the 80s cartoon “Dino-Riders” into a major motion picture. Producers Alissa Phillips and Stephen L’Heureux are reportedly developing the project, but a studio hasn’t tossed wads of Hollywood cash in their direction just yet. However, that doesn’t mean someone won’t eventually bring this obscure property to the big screen in hopes of striking it rich.

Don’t remember “Dino-Riders”? Don’t feel bad — the show only ran for a single 14-episode season. However, that didn’t stop the writers from creating an in-depth mythology. If you’re curious, take a look at this huge slab of information straight from digital pages of Wikipedia.

The Valorians were a peaceful race that had lived in Cellardyke until the evil Rulons came and attacked them. The Valorians tried to escape from the Rulon assault and attempted to use their “Space Time Energy Projector” to do so, however something went wrong and they ended up being sent back through time 65 million years to the age of the dinosaurs. Unknown to them, the Rulons in the spaceship Dreadlock were also sent back through time when the S.T.E.P. was activated.

The Valorians, led by Questar, after making planet-fall use their AMP necklaces to telepathically communicate with the dinosaurs they come across and befriend them. The Rulons, led by their leader Emperor Krulos, on the other hand used brainwashing devices known as brain-boxes to control dinosaurs for their own ends. The Rulons then launched an attack on the Valorians, who call upon their dinosaur friends to assist them in fighting back. After successfully defeating the Rulons, the Valorians declare themselves to be the Dino-Riders.

There’s still a chance this project could fall apart, and “Dino-Riders” will return to the world of obscure 80s cartoon. But don’t be surprised if this thing becomes a summer blockbuster.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lor_uUkJkkw?list=PLUO6VcDK0owm_LEOqr1tCf1sdu4OYBtLA&w=640&h=360]

Dino Riders Movie - Dino-Riders Movie Reportedly in the Works at Mattel