RoboGeisha Trailer Hits the Net


Sometimes you just have to let a film speak for itself. Such is the case with Noboru Iguchi’s RoboGeisha.

But first here’s a quick summary from Twitch, who was fortunate enough to score the world premiere of the flick.

RoboGeisha? This one boasts what the trailer graciously describes as “hip katanas”, though the swords are actually placed considerably lower and more to the rear. Yes, Iguchi’s latest has ass-swords and women who aren’t afraid to use them. And that’s not even mentioning the giant robot-building, the transforming geisha-tank, or the fried shrimp rammed into eye sockets.

If you’ve seen Iguchi’s Machine Girl (review here), none of that should be too much of a surprise, especially when you factor in that RoboGeisha is a collaboration between Iguchi and special effects man Yoshihiro Nishimura (i.e., the director of Tokyo Gore Police and co-director of Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl).

Debi Moore

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