Ultra Wacky Deep Sea Monster Raiga Trailer Surfaces

DeepSeaMonsterRaiga - Ultra Wacky Deep Sea Monster Raiga Trailer SurfacesOh, those wacky Japanese. The screwy trailer has arrived for the new Japanese giant monster flick Deep Sea Monster Raiga, a sequel to 2005’s Deep Sea Monster Reigo. I had no idea Raiga even existed because, to the best of my knowledge, Reigo has yet to be released. Or has it? I’m clearly not as up-to-speed on my daikaiju cinema as I should be. I do know you need to see this trailer.

Deep Sea Monster Reigo started out as what amounted to a homemade project by Shinpei Hayashiya, an amateur filmmaker who got some notice in Japan and over here for a Gamera fan film he made. I’d been hearing about Reigo (the crew of a WW2 Yamato battleship battles a giant Zilla-esque sea monster) for years, but it never seemed like the film was coming out. Now, today, here’s a sequel. Ummm… Okay. I’m clearly out of the loop.

Hayashiya’s follow-up, Deep Sea Monster Raiga (official site), is set 60 years after the original, in modern-day Tokyo. Global warming causes the southern polar ice cap to gradually melt, disrupting the ecosystem and luring ancient sea monsters to Japan. Eventually an enormous sea beast called Raiga enters Asakusa via the Sumida River and begins wreaking havoc on the buildings there.

According to Nippon Cinema, “The film is set to screen as part of an all-night event called ‘Tokusatsu Kaiju Tengoku’ (literally ‘SFX Monster Heaven’) on June 27, 2009, at Ikebukuro’s Shin-Bungeiza theater. The other films being screened include Hayashiya’s Deep Sea Monster Reigo, Masaaki Tezuka’s Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., and Keita Amemiya’s Zeiram. There will also be a 40-minute talk with the three directors.

Nippon also scored the first trailer for Raigo and as far as ultra low budget Godzilla-style moviemaking goes, the rubber suit/cardboard building/CGI monster stew I see brings a smile to my face. On the other hand, what I hear… I suppose the music also brings a smile to my face for entirely different reasons. Only the Japanese could sound so cheerful and upbeat amid cataclysmic catastrophe. I suppose when your country is constantly being attacked by giant monsters, you learn to just roll with it.

This is not your typical giant monster movie trailer. This is not your typical anything.

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  1. That was painful. It was like watching some crappy saturday morning cartoon…you know the ones that aren’t really cartoons anymore, like the power rangers. I like oriental movies, but that just hurt. Lets play happy music while the city gets destroyed yay.

    Every fight is a food fight for a cannibal.

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