Check Out These Trashy Trailers for ABCs of Superheroes

What’s better than a motion picture packed to the rafters with superheroes, you ask? How about a movie filled to overflowing with trashy superheroes! Directors Oliver Tietgen and Jens Holzheuer, with the help of producer René Wiesner, are cinematically associating every letter of the alphabet with either a superhero or a supervillain. The fruit of their labor shall make its way around the planet as ABCs of Superheroes, which is currently in the throes of post-production.

However, these are definitely not your typical Marvel and DC superheroes. No, these agents of truth and justice use a plethora of unusual means and extreme methods to dispatch their enemies. For example, Fist F*ck Force uses the unstoppable power of the human hand to violently invade a criminal’s nether regions. Now you’re getting the full picture, and you’re welcome.

The film, which the directors describe as “funny, sexy, full of blood and very weird,” features such familiar faces as “Bai Ling, Uwe Boll, Fred Olen Ray, German director Jörg Buttgereit, and legendary independent film icon Lloyd Kaufman.” Hopefully, Boll’s presence isn’t a dealbreaker for some folks.

ABCs of Superheroes was recently picked up by the German Fantasy Filmfest, but first, the filmmakers need to finish up their post-production work. If you’d like to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign, there’s still time to do so. Swing by this location to lend a helping financial hand.

When you’re ready to investigate the three new trailers for ABCs of Superheroes, you can do so by having a look at the clips embedded below. Fair warning: These are pretty salty trailers, meaning that they’re definitely not safe for work. Proceed at your own risk, true believers.




ABCs of Superheroes Image - Check Out These Trashy Trailers for ABCs of Superheroes

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