Hei’an Kills Raising Funds on Indiegogo

Heian Kills 1 750x422 - Hei'an Kills Raising Funds on Indiegogo

The supernatural revenge movie Hei’an Kills has completed principal photography and needs your help to finance post-production.

By the way, the revenge part actually refers to revenge on mankind. You see, over 100 years ago, Hei’an was sold by her abusive mother to a brothel, where she committed suicide. Then, in the present, a bunch of college students made the mistake of awakening her vengeful spirit; unsurprisingly, she isn’t happy.

It’s directed by Terry Spears, who co-wrote the screenplay with Christopher Warman, and stars Kenzie Leigh Spears as Sarah, Winnie Du as Hei’an, Calley Lumen as Kelsey, Rian Sanders as Josh, E.S. Koskie as Walter, Cindy Hanska as Dr. Schafer, and Rim Basma as Miss Charlotte.

They’re trying to raise $18,885 for post-production costs, which include enlisting the help of VFX legend Llyod Lee Barnett, but they can’t do it without fan support. Click here to help Hei’an exact her vengeance.

Heian Kills 1 1024x1024 - Hei'an Kills Raising Funds on Indiegogo

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