First Scream Addicts Podcast Gets In Your Ear

Scream Addicts

What? What’s that? More “Scream Addicts” today?! In addition to this week’s final episode of our video show, today also marks the debut of the “Scream Addicts” podcast, featuring your Scream Team tackling this week’s topics at length and chatting about recent news and our “Horror Firsts” at a relaxed pace – without the ticking clock we’re saddled with on our web series (if we don’t bring every ep in at under ten minutes, the producer subjects us to a series of pointy, rusty traps that’d make Jigsaw wince).

So join us as we ramble on about the genre we love and the influences that shaped us into the horror-crazed ghouls we are today. Here’s hoping you enjoy!

And, as with every installment, please be sure to jump into the discussion below! Use the comments section to chime in with your thoughts on the news we covered and with your own first experiences with horror and how it impacted your life.

And a very special thanks to audio wizard Jason Miller for providing the intro/outro music for our podcast.

Click here for Episode 1!

Be sure to join us back here on Monday for our next video episode, and be sure to have a great weekend!

And if you missed our previous episodes, start catching up here.

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screamaddicts - First Scream Addicts Podcast Gets In Your Ear