The Meat Puppet Pulls Some Strings on DVD


It’s been a couple of years since we first heard about The Meat Puppet, which boasts one of the most eclectic casts we’ve ever seen in a horror film, and finally tomorrow it’s being released on DVD worldwide by TomCat Films, presented by Girls and Corpses.

Star and co-producer Keith Collins tells us, “[We] worked so hard putting The Meat Puppet together, and it really came out FAB! It’s very thrilling… if you liked American Psycho, you will dig this film.”

The film has won five awards so far, including Best Horror Film, Best Actor (Keith Collins), and Best New Jersey Feature. It was produced entirely in New Jersey and stars Keith Collins and Daniela Rivera.

The Meat Puppet also features Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses), Skeery Jones (DJ at Z-100), Chris Wilkes (“SNL”), Gregg Valentino (TLC’s “The Man Whose Arms Exploded”), Billy Sample (former NY Yankee), Geri Reischl (“The Brady Bunch Variety Hour”), Emilio Masella (“Jersey Shore”), Billy Garcia and Gervase Peterson (“Survivor”), John Fields (DJ Unique), Gary Garver (formerly of “The Howard Stern Show”), Brandon Ruckdashel (Co-ed Confidential), Darren Server (Atlas Shrugged), Erik Chopin (Winner of “The Biggest Loser”), Matthew Schultz (singer/songwriter), Jamie Kovac (Fury from “American Gladiators”), and April Hunter (WCW & TNA wresting).

The film was directed and edited by Joe Valenti, written by Joseph and Billy Pepitone, produced by Blaze Kelly Coyle, Collins, and Valenti, and executive produced by Coyle and Valenti.

Andrew “Drew” Shelton appears to have it all… Looks. Money. Women. But behind that charming smile lies an unimaginable evil. An abusive childhood has turned him into an impulsive, delusional sociopath who has developed an insatiable appetite for beautiful women’s flesh. As the bodies pile up and a gung-ho detective starts stalking him, Drew descends deeper into madness. His obsession with one woman may be the only chance to stop him from serving up his next victim. Or will she fall prey and become the next main course?

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