#SDCC15: 7 Things We Learned About The Originals Season 3


We’re catching up on our coverage of a few Comic-Con roundtables we attended, and up now we have seven things we learned about the upcoming third season of The CW’s “The Originals.”

We had a time conflict with the show’s press ops so only had a chance to speak with exec producer Michael Narducci and stars Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley), Leah Pipes (Cami), and Danielle Campbell (Davina), but we did get a few photos of bad boy Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and the entire cast.

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1.  Narducci told us we’ll be learning all about “the history of vampirism [like who were the first people turned?] and sire lines.”  As we already know, every vampire in the world has an interest in keeping the remaining Mikaelsens alive, and an upcoming war among the various factions of vamps will factor heavily into Season 3, which begins after a six-month time jump.

2.  He added that Klaus is betting that Freya is the key to keeping Hope safe. He plans for her to take over as Hope’s mentor instead of Dahlia.  Narducci teased that this might not be such a great idea since Freya is “loving but more diabolical than you’d think.”

3.  Phoebe told us that while Hayley has always been “tough and angry,” she’s “literally an animal now and feral.”

4. As for what might develop with “Klami”  in the upcoming season, Leah said that Cami is “setting boundaries with Klaus” in order to find herself.  She’ll be “doing her own thing” a bit more, including continuing the dynamic relationship she’s developed with Vincent since they share a bond as “two noble people who truly want peace.”

5.  There will be some “new, interesting people” for Cami to interact with in Season 3, and along with them, Danielle told us we’ll see “a few big bads.” There will be “new witches, new vampires, and some new wolves as well.”

6. As for Davina, she’ll be “struggling with being queen of the witches” and interacting with others while also “carrying out her own agenda.” But that doesn’t include any sort of issue with Marcel… She can be “as mean as she wants to him,” but “at the end of the day their first thought is each other.” As for Kol (more on him below), she’s never going to give up on bringing him back but “isn’t focusing on that now.”

7. Cami might be cozying up to Vincent, but Davina “wants no interference” from him.  In a plot twist, we’ll find that he “has an issue of his own.”

And here’s one extra bonus tidbit regarding siblings Rebekah and Kol: We will be seeing Claire Holt “pretty early on,” and Kol (played by Nathaniel Buzolic) will appear in flashbacks of the Original family, also airing early in the season, set “about ten years after they were turned.” We may see a “little glimpse of Finn as well.”

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